Pandas and butterflies in the city centre

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A special family day out at the oldest zoo in the country. Inside Chapultepec Forest there is an amazing Zoo, which opened its doors in 1923 and houses an important collection of indigenous Mexican species and other species from all over the world. Elephants, giraffes and lions transport you to the Savannah. The Mexican grey wolf and the jaguar bring you back to Mexico.

At the entrance, visit the small museum that tells you about the history of the zoo in an old train station. Read the map and choose your route. In the animal area you can visit the savannah, the desert, the temperate forest and the rainforest. Don’t miss the pandas, this zoo is part of the global network dedicated to their conservation. There is also a magnificent aquarium where, in addition to fish, you can see mammals like sea lions and polar bears swimming. It is amazing to watch the penguins, which are so clumsy on land but they dart through the water like arrows!

You should also visit the reptile house to see the snakes, amphibians and turtles. You’ll rarely get the chance to see them so close up. If you like birds, don’t miss the avian system, with separate domes to suit the native environment of the birds.

It will take you several hours to tour the zoo. Bring comfortable shoes and sunscreen.

It is much busier at the weekends when the locals come.

There are food and beverage areas in the Zoo so you can eat comfortably here.

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Calz. Chivatito s/n, Bosque de Chapultepec I Secc, CDMX 11850

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