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Although tequila is Mexico’s signature drink, mezcal is following hot on the heels of the king of Mexican tables and bars. In recent years, this agave distillate, and therefore tequila’s first cousin, has grown from a minority beverage to being celebrated as an almost universal drink, crossing the Mexican border to conquer the world’s best bars.

Mezcal is a connoisseur’s drink. Hundreds of different labels are popping up in bars, saloon bars and restaurants all around the country. Modern mezcalerías (mezcal bars) with encyclopedic menus brimming  with distillates with designations of origin and tantalizing names are definitely here to stay. Their tempting selection includes exquisite cocktails accompanied by traditional bar snacks: chapulines (fried grasshoppers) quesadillas, tlayudas (large, toasted tortillas), tacos and tamales, with a modern twist or made from time-honored recipes. And of course, great music all night.

Going out for mezcal tasting has become popular with a young, modern and sophisticated crowd, keen to discover and try new flavors. The trendy parts of the city are home to some of the most popular mezcalerías such as La Clandestina or Caradura in La Condesa as well as Lilit, La Nacional and La Mil Amores in Colonia Roma. Downtown, you can check out Al Andar or Bósforo, another classic, or La Botica in the Zona Rosa. Cheers!

You can also find mezcal outside the downtown area. Coyoacán, a favorite among students and bohemians, is home to classic mezcalerías such as Corazón de Maguey and dozens of cantinas or saloon bars specializing in mezcal such as La Bipo, El Mezcalero and La Coyoacana. Nearby, in Tlalpan, Barra Alipús also offers an excellent selection.

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