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A kaleidoscope of Tiffany on the ceiling and the best views over the Zocalo. Majestic. Elegant. Sophisticated. The Gran Hotel was not always a hotel, but it has always been at the epicenter of luxury and the capital's social life. Originally built as a commercial center, ladies used to come here to buy luxurious fabrics, imported hats and to have tea in the afternoons. It is a place of European elegance, an extraordinary example of art nouveau, a must for lovers of the exquisite.

Go inside the lobby. Admire the magnificent railings, the delicate forged metal of the original elevator cages and then direct your gaze to the ceiling. Light enters filtered into colors, because the entire roof of this huge lobby is covered by extraordinary original Tiffany stained glass. This is the first jewel of the hotel. To discover the second one you will have to go all the way to the top and build up an appetite. Dining at the restaurant on the terrace of the Grand Hotel, listening to the distant murmur of the hustle and bustle from the merchants gates and enjoying spectacular views of the Zocalo is an unforgettable experience. And to top off the evening, return to the lobby and relax at the piano bar absorbing the spirit of bygone days.

Even if you are not a guest, you can come and sit on a vintage armchair to admire the extraordinary hotel lobby, enjoy a drink at the piano bar and of course dine at the restaurant.

Visit the Grand Hotel during daylight hours to appreciate the stained glass ceiling in its full splendor.

If you dance tango, learn about the milongas organized every other Friday every month.

If you decide to dine on the terrace of the hotel, book a table with a view and add at least one hour to the duration of the experience.

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16 de Septiembre #82, Centro Histórico de la Ciudad. de México. 06000

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