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Let your kids play with circuits, magnets, weights, balls, mirrors, pendulums ... The Universum is a fantastic interactive science museum located at Ciudad Universitaria, the UNAM campus, designed for the very young to discover and better understand our world through experimentation, play, and fun.

On entering the exhibition starts on your right with games on matter. You can play too. What happens if I move the ball to the right? Because the museum is not just for kids ... On this floor there is also an entertaining butterfly farm and a planetarium, not to be missed.

On the upper floors you have sections devoted to the human being, our world, the universe itself or how chemistry is everywhere. With images and interactive installations your children can spend as much time as they like on the topics that interest them the most. As in a haunted house, look at your reflection in distorting mirrors. The area of mathematics will also surprise you. This way I could also learn geometry!

If you come with small children, you have a space to the left of the entrance dedicated to them, with guides and activities.

Check out the workshops and activities, there is always something happening!

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Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Cto. Centro Cultural de, C.U, CDMX 04510

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