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Polanco has always been the city’s most cosmopolitan district. It is bordered by some of the most important museums to the north and south, and the heart of the district -an eclectic mix of skyscrapers and colonial mansions- is in its shopping, entertainment and business area.

Polanco is a must-see for contemporary art collectors and lovers. Each gallery is itself a statement of intention. You’ll find galleries in old houses, industrial spaces, and in premises with loft or vintage style ambiences. In the district’s art galleries, you’ll find work by emerging and established artists, both Mexicans and foreigners, from all schools of modern and contemporary art. Photography, painting, sculpture... all the visual arts have a place in Polanco’s cultural agenda.

The “Gallery Weekend” takes place in September. During this event the city galleries organise events, and special transportation for attendees is included. Consult the calendar to find out the actual dates.

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Campos Elíseos s/n, Col. Polanco. 11560

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