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Pulque, the nectar of the gods. Sacred to the Aztecs, pulque eventually became one of Mexico’s most traditional beverages. Loved and loathed in equal measure for being the working classes’ tipple of choice, pulque is being rediscovered by the younger generations.

Today, in Mexico City, pulquerías, bars serving pulque, stand cheek by jowl with the new spaces devoted to this beverage. The most traditional pulquerías, to which women were not admitted until a few years ago, are unpretentious places, with a clientele of locals, students and professional thirty-something’s. Pulque,  bar snacks and sauces prepared in a mortar and pestle. By contrast, the new pulquerías offer endless flavors of pulque, fusion dishes and an extremely varied though mostly young clientele.

Pulque, fermented maguey mead, is as much a nutritional supplement  as a beverage, chock-full of vitamins, probiotics and with a low alcohol content. Try it on your next visit to Mexico City. In the Historic Center, you will find two classic pulquerías, La Risa and Las Duelistas, as well as more touristy ones such as El Ma-güey.

Be warned: pulque is a drink for adventurous palates that elicits strong passions. Why not give it a whirl?

In addition to the classic downtown pulquerías, you’ll find pulque all over the city. There are traditional taverns such as La Nuclear, La Gloria, La Hija de los Apaches, La Hermosa Hortensia, Salón Casino, Nomás no llores, La Pirata, La Xóchitl and La Antigua Roma as well as places that are creating a real pulque cult such as La Malquerida, Santa Solita, Los Insurgentes and La Elegante.

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