Rivera and Kahlo, a love story

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Together but not mixed. That seems to be the statement that Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo gave Juan O'Gorman to design their home and studio. And so they were born the Casas Gemelas. Two independent house-studios that are interconnected, like its inhabitants.

The museum allows you to enter the most intimate universe of the couple. Diego's house, red and white. Frida's, blue, like her family home in Coyoacán. Bright and airy spaces for the studio with floor to ceiling windows facing north so that the light is always the same. Economy in the details and maximum visual impact. Straight lines and spiral staircases. Concrete and beams. A complete break with the past, or maybe not. The fence of cactus and vivid colors reminds us that we are in Mexico, refers us constantly to the environment and the countryside coming through the windows.

Inside the studios works are exhibited and you can see easels, oil paintings, sketches. It seems that, at any moment, they might come back. Architecture serving the artist. In these houses they both enjoyed the space to create. Diego was tireless, painting some 3000 works here. In her studio, Frida created some of the most recognized works, such as Las dos Fridas.

In addition to the two house-studios, the space is completed by a third construction, a photo studio.

Bring the camera: the roundness of the architecture offers many possibilities for interesting shots to photograph.

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