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They say that in this life you have to have a child, write a book and plant a tree. We can not help you with the first two, but certainly to plant your tree you must come to the Viveros de Coyoacan. A beautiful park where trees are actually grown for planting. These small trees grow, provide shade and make the air of Mexico City a little better to breathe. A National Park with the vocation of providing environmental education.

If you are fond of running you will love the Viveros de Coyoacán. This is one of the favorite places in the city for defeños runners to run. The reasons are many: the 2 km track is unpaved, has little slope and is in good condition. The landscape is serene. The place is safe. The temperature under the canopy of trees is perfect. It smells natural like the forest. And at the end, you can buy a good fruit juice to regain strength.

Besides running, you can walk, learn to bullfight or take yoga or martial arts classes during weekends. What better than to meditate in a natural environment as enviable as this.

The Viveros are the perfect place to go with kids. They have a playground and the trails are ideal for walking. In addition, workshops and activities are organized and they can learn the rudiments of gardening here.

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