San Pedro Atocpan, mole capital of Mexico

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A place frozen in time. A journey for the nose and palate to the deep complexity of Mexican cuisine, recognized as World Heritage. This is San Pedro Atocpan, mole capital of Mexico.

Start your visit to San Pedro Actopan with a walk to work up an appetite. Visit the San Pedro Convent a beautiful and simple Franciscan convent with a large courtyard where indigenous people met for evangelization. The blue and gold interior is magical. Visit also Señor de las Misericordias Sanctuary with a singular black cane pulp Christ. And on the way to the main square, and your deserved meal, stop in plaza de San Martín with its temple.

Here you will find the place to buy your mole to take home. Walk through all the streets of the village with your eyes closed. It's time you head to the main square to eat. Smell the scents of flowers, chilli and chocolate. The mole, signature dish of Mexican cuisine is a true work of art. An exquisite combination of dozens of spices, each place has its secret recipe. The aromas transport you to pre-Hispanic Mexico, the Mediterranean and Asia.

Both in the main square and over Independence at the exit of the village, you will find restaurants specializing in mole.

Come to the Mole Fair, held annually in September-October. Check the calendar for the exact date this year.

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San Pedro Atocpan, Panchimalco, Milpa Alta, 12200

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