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Closet full and nothing to wear? Santa Fe is the solution for your problems. If you are looking for elegance, design, exclusive malls and all global brands, this is the place for you.

Santa Fe se ha convertido en los últimos años en uno de los epicentros de las compras  de la Ciudad de México. Aquí encontrarás algunos de los centros comerciales más selectos del país con grandes firmas de ropa, electrónica, hogar, complementos... Y además, cines, pistas de patinaje, restaurantes, spas, centros de juegos, áreas ajardinadas y espacios de diseño futurista. El ambiente exclusivo que buscas para un día perfecto de compras y diversión. 

In recent years, Santa Fe has become one of the big shopping destinations of Mexico City. tHere are some of the finest malls in the country with the best brands in clothing, electronics, household goods, accessories, etc. In addition, there are movie theaters, skating rinks, restaurants, spas, game centers, garden areas and  futuristic spaces. The unique atmosphere you are looking for to enjoy a perfect day of shopping and fun.

Come with friends, with your mom or with your family. Spend the day going from boutique to boutique. Stop for lunch at one of the fine restaurants. Something light like sushi or a family menu if you are coming with children. Take your time and take care of yourself at the spa or beauty salon. Take your kids skating or to see a movie ... There is something for everyone.

Check the lists of events and promotions in the shopping malls. There is always something to do!

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Vasco de Quiroga #3800, Lomas de Santa Fe, Contadero,Ciudad de México. 05348

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