Sonora market: magic and toys

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Magic and games, spells and cuddly toys, stuffed snakes and costumes, wandering through the Sonora Market you will be surprised at the strange combination of merchandise.

The market is famous for its toy section, party favors and costumes, at any time of year there is a continuous flow of people choosing masks, ornaments, dolls and games of all kinds.

But Sonora is particularly popular among onlookers for its section on magic. Walking through the narrow aisles, you will find herbal remedies for every disease, along with amulets, candles, lotions and Santeria items. In Mexico traditional medicine is very much alive, the same that is made by shamans and healers, straddling the herbal world and the magical universe.

If you want to win over the person you love, find good luck or money, avoid evils that haunt you or keep certain people away, you will find your spell here. If you suspect that somebody put the evil eye on you, you can get rid of it here. If you want to know your future, they will read your hand. Because if there's one place in Mexico City dedicated to magic, it is the Sonora market.

The market reflects the calendar of celebrations. During the month prior to the Day of the Dead, the market is filled with skulls and Halloween costumes. At Easter you will find the "Judas" in cardboard to be burned as a traitor according to tradition.

There is an animal’s section that we recommend you avoid. There will not allow you to take photos.

This used to be the central supply of fish and outside you can still find traditional stalls serving seafood dishes.

As in any crowded place, watch your belongings.

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