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You simply need to walk past them to start feeling terribly hungry. The Mercado de Antojitos Mexicanos (Mexican Snack Market) in the center of Coyoacan, is a succession of temptations of the local cuisine of Mexico City. An unbeatable opportunity for a true taste of the street, flavors that stay with us forever.

Go there at breakfast time, for lunch or simply if you want to stop for a moment and have a quick bite. The stop is well worth it as the quesadillas stalls compete with each other. Fried or on the griddle; with huitlacoche [a truffle-like corn fungus], pumpkin flowers, chicken, peppers... or crispy flautas [fried tortillas]. Beef, fish or seafood tostadas. Then there are the overwhelming pambazos for the hungriest or esquites just to fool the stomach. And, then, of course, the soupy stews, such as the omnipresent pozole which can put even the most exhausted travelers back on their feet. Accompany your meal with a flavored water or a delicious fresh juice. Nothing like a full stomach to continue your stroll through this charming neighborhood.

Coyoacán is famous for the tostadas that you'll find in the Mexican Snack Market. But we recommend eating it at the place that put tostadas on the map, in the heart of the food market, opposite the La Fragata Park. You decide which one you like best.

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