Sunday Mass at the Cathedral

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The Archbishop of Mexico City 12 officiates the 12 pm Mass every Sunday at the Metropolitan Cathedral  the oldest, Hernan Cortés laid the foundation stone, and largest in America.

Worth a visit at any time is the imposing Metropolitan Cathedral, but during Sunday Mass the experience goes beyond contemplation to become pure spirituality. The pure, deep and enveloping sound of the twin organs; the sweet smell of incense; devotion heard in the voices of the faithful singing hymns; the magnificent Altar de los Reyes that you can not take your eyes off; the procession through the ambulatory for the blessing of the faithful, a ritual of the Mass.

Before or after the service, devote some time to exploring this impressive cathedral. Built over three centuries, it contains real wonders. In addition to the Altar de los Reyes, also admire the Altar del Perdón with the revered Cristo del Veneno. Do not miss the impressive choir stalls made from exotic woods. On each side of the choir there is a monumental organ from the 18th century, the gospel and the epistle. It is a rarity to find twin organs that are functioning. Also note the pendulum hanging from the top, which indicates how the cathedral is leaning.

Complete your visit to the cathedral by going up to the towers. Stunning!

In September, during the International Organ Festival you can listen to the two organs talking to each other.

The Cathedral is in the Camino Guadalupano, together with the San Francisco Temple, Santiago Tlatelolco Convent and the Sta. María de Guadalupe Basilica.

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