The Best Experience at Downtown

Take 4 hours


This experience will open a window for you through the most important historic moments of Mexico. It will show you the roots of our culture and traditions, the fusion with the european culture after the conquer and the birth of a new nation up to our times. 

All this reflect in the greatness of the buildings, the color of our arts, the flavors of our food and specially the joy of our people.

Mexico City Downtown gathers in its hundreds of years most of the more amazing stories and treasures of Mexico. I will take you to live how the aztecs venerate theirs gods; the light and darkness of the spanish conquer; the birth of a new nation during Porfirio Diaz time; the sight of the city in amazing spot; a direct contact with the mexican handicrafts: expression of our beliefs, creativity and hearts, and finish with a delicious breakfast in a terrace with sight to Zocalo.

We will visit the Mayor Temple, Cathedral, National Palace, Zocalo, Bellas Artes Palace, House of Tiles, Alameda Park, la Ciudadela Artcraft Market which are all of them a must in your visit to Mexico City, plus some other special and amazing places that I have reserve for your surprise.

Requirement: Know how to ride a bike. Bring comfortable clothes and depending on weather, sunscreen, cap or jacket.

Hours: 4

Price: $ 672MX

Neighborhood: Cuauhtémoc

República de Guatemala 30, centro histórico, 06020 Ejido del Centro.

Map Location:

Schedule: A convenir

Includes: Bike + Helmet + User insurance + Safety Staff +Water+ Guide + Entrance to the Torre Latino Sightseeing + Gourmet Breakfast

Phone: 55 67 25 25 25

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República de Guatemala #30, centro historico, Ejido del Centro. 06020

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