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Take out ypur camera or your phone and set it on Panoramic mode for the breathtaking 360 degree views from the top of a skyscraper in the heart of the city. The Torre Latino is one of the icons of the city. It was the first of its kind, built in 1956: a magnificent piece of engineering that has withstood all earthquakes of the city and a great way to end a day spent in the center.

Climb to the top floor, where there is access to a glazed veranda and a spiral staircase to the terrace. The wind in your face, mountains and volcanoes in the background and, at your feet, the great metropolis: on one side you distinguish the Zocalo, on the other just below the Palace of Fine Arts. On the other extreme, the Chapultepec Forest. In the background, the skyscrapers of Santa Fe.

A good time is the late afternoon. You can watch the sunset over the city and see how, little by little, the lights that seem to reach infinity come on. You can appreciate its magnitude from above. The large avenues with the rush hour traffic seem like arteries of light. The Tlatelolco Cultural Center emerges as a huge pink box. The planes land and take off before your eyes. Is that perhaps a storm to the south ... You can not stop looking.

In addition to the 44th floor viewing point, your ticket gives you access to the cafe and souvenir shop on the 37th floor and the interesting photographic exhibition "The city and the tower through the centuries" on the 38th floor. On the 44th floor itself you can also buy drinks and snacks.

For a romantic evening, or just to give yourself a treat, you can eat, dine or enjoy a cocktail at the restaurant on the 41st floor with panoramic views of the city.

Besides the Torre Latino, there are other fabulous vantage points for panoramics photos of the city. Go up the Monumento a la Revolución dome; have a dinner at Bellini, the largest revolving restaurant in the world, atop the World Trade Center; climb up the Cathedral domes or admire the Chapultepec Forest from the Castle.

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