The Castle of Child Heroes

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Magnificent views over the Chapultepec Forest and the city, a place steeped in history. The top of Chapulín hill has been a getaway for heads of state since pre-Hispanic times. Up until 1939, it was the President’s official residence, and it currently houses the National History Museum.

With its turrets and battlements, it started out as the residence of viceroys, and later became the Military College. In 1847, Chapultepec Castle was attacked by American troops. Many young cadets died in that battle, and they went down in history as “the Child Heroes”.

A walk through its halls, terraces and rooms will transport you to the era of Maximilian and Charlotte, who remodelled the old fort to give it the flair of the great European palaces. The best manufacturers in Europe were comissioned to build the furniture, tableware and decorations you see in each room.

Stay for a while in the beautiful terraces and enjoy the panoramic views which in themselves justify the preference of kings, viceroys and presidents for this particular location.

The National History Museum has collections of art, coins, historical documents, military artefacts, clothing and furniture. You can appreciate them throughout the tour of the palace in the halls and rooms that are open the public.

The Caracol Museum, on the way up to the castle, tells the history of Mexico from the Revolution up to Independence.

If you find the climb too steep, you can take the train that departs from the bottom of the hill up to the castle.

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