The chinampas of Xochimilco

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Tour the last chinampas in Xochimilco by trajinera. Floating gardens. Land reclaimed from the lake. Islands of food among willows and cypresses. The chinampas have been the traditional method of cultivation since pre-Hispanic times and continue to be an example of sustainability and productivity, giving up to six harvests per year of organic product. In the shallow areas of the lake, the farmer chooses an area with reeds and fills it with mud from the bottom of the lake, soil, forest substrate with organic matter until the surface is above the water. Then he plants a bald cypress and willow so that the roots anchor his chinampa to the shore.

The chinampas are then fed by the ancient Tenochtitlan and continue to produce beets, radishes, lettuce, corn, beans, milkweed, tomatoes, amaranth and flowers, which are sold in local markets. Therefore they were declared a World Heritage Site.

Get on the trajinera and take the tour of the chinampas. Relax for the next hour while floating through canals between houses and cornfields. Other trajineras will approach you. In one, they are making quesadillas on the griddle. In another, the mariachi provides a serenade. Enjoy the journey. Come as you please. Gradually you leave behind the houses and cornfields run along the canal banks. The journey takes an hour to reach the chinampas area. Here you will see the lush orchards of fresh vegetables, cultivated by hand, without chemicals. Another way of doing things is possible.

The piers where you can board the trajineras are Cuemanco next to Xochimilco Ecological Park; Fernando Celada at the entrance of the center; Caltongo, Salitre, San Cristobal, Belén y Belén de las Flores in the center, Nuevo Nativitas, Zacapa and Las Flores near to Nativitas.

At the boarding points, you will find all the information about tours on trajinera with their prices and duration. The routes lead to a demonstration chinampa by the Apatlaco canal.

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