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"Fireworks of rhythm and color", "A whirlwind of color, beauty, music. A party cheerful and nimble feet. No other ballet has provided us with such charm", these are some of the critics comments from the international press dedicated to the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico of Amalia Hernández. An extraordinary spectacle that will transport you to the depths of the jungle with pre-Hispanic dances, the quasi Caribbean flavor of Veracruz, the most authentic Mexico of the mariachi. An absolute must if you are in Mexico City.

Thanks to the beauty of this show, since 1959 the Mexican Folkloric Ballet has hosted one of the most beautiful and iconic places in Mexico City, the Palace of Fine Arts, where every wednesday and sunday in which the Ballet has performed uninterruptedly. 

Share the excitement of the public in the magnificent hall before the show. The best scenario for a magical evening. Finally comes the most awaited moment. The 22 tons of the Tiffany glass curtain begins to rise. The expectation is high, the lights go out and the show begins. Nearly two hours later, during the finale, you wonder what happened, you lost track of time with the extraordinary choreography, the colorful costumes, the live music, the singers ... There are moments that will give you goosebumps. Simply unforgettable!

Founded in 1952 by the choreographer, dancer and teacher Amalia Hernandez, the Mexican Folkloric Ballet is considered a cultural ambassador of Mexico.

With more than seventy choreographies, this magical show takes us to a Mexico full of tradition, color, culture, music and typical clothing, where every dance frame tells a different story, integrating the audience with every movement. 

More information on their facebook, twitter or instagram. You can also send an email to info@balletfolkloricodemexico.com.mx or call to +52 (55) 299 320 /21 / 22.

Ballet presented Wednesday at 20:30 and Sundays at 9:30 h and 20:30 h, at Palace of Fine Arts. 


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