The Jamaica flower market

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Imagine walking through 5,000 different kinds of flowers and plants. The cool, moist air, an explosion of colors between aromas of herbs, the sweet enchantment of flowers, the whimsical shapes of orchids and the creativity of the topiaries. Every moment in life has its flower and the city residents arrive at the Jamaica market looking for bouquets of roses to propose, marigolds on the Day of the Dead, the Easter plant for Christmas, crosses and horseshoes to announce an upcoming marriage or wreaths for funerals.

Take a stroll and marvel at the extraordinary floral arrangements of all sizes. Bouquets, wreaths and centerpieces climb from the floor up to the ceiling to crown the stalls. Visitors approach, smell, look, ask questions and buy. A little further along you´ll find the fruits and vegetables section with premium products. Market vibe with the magic of flowers.

In the days before major holidays like Christmas or the Day of the Dead the market is packed with shoppers. Come if you can at a different time, it will be a more enjoyable experience without the crowds.

The specialty of the market is cut flower and floral arrangements, but you will also find ornamental plants.

Compare prices before you buy.

As in any crowded place, watch your belongings.

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Av. Morelos #159, Col. Jamaica. 15800

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