The largest aquarium in Latin America

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Over 5,000 marine animals housed in a world-class aquarium. The Inbursa Aquarium, which opened in 2014, is the largest in Latin America and immerses you into the depths of the sea, an experience reserved for the greatest aquariums of the world.



Your tour begins in the deep sea, in a reef with a sunken boat... watch the large sharks pass over you in the tunnel. It’s mind-blowing! Over 200 species of reef fish live in this huge tank, can you recognise any of them?

Then you rise almost to the surface of the water. Jellyfish and brightly coloured fish await you here. Remember the clown fish? It´s just like the Nemo movie! Children and adults can enjoy and learn about species like rays, starfish and even marine iguanas in the smaller tanks in this area.

Keep going up, you’re on the beach now... and in the jungle, since there is also a section dedicated to freshwater ecosystems. When you go back outside, you'll feel like you were in different world.

Arrive early. Since it is newly opened, the line can be quite long, especially on weekends.

You are right in front of Soumaya Museum and Jumex Museum, in the heart of entertainment and shopping district. A busy day out.

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