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There are barely any tourists here. If you like to step out of the beaten path you need not go very far. Mexico City does not disguise itself for visitors. It's just the way it is, what you see is what you get. Let us suggest a tour of the most traditional neighborhoods surrounding the Zócalo.

Let's start with the magnificent San Ildefonso College. The building itself is worth a visit, as are the always interesting exhibitions inside. From there, turn left to go to the Plaza de Loreto, where you can very clearly see the city sinking by looking at the temple. Over Justo Sierra, the historical Synagogue. If you go around the temple, you arrive at the popular Abelardo Rodríguez market. Look at the murals behind the ice cream parlors and tailor stalls. Go back on the same Loreto street and continue all the way to the Santisima Trinidad Temple, you will recognise it because it sunk below street level. Next, on Santísima street, migrants from Oaxaca set up shops where you can try delights from that state, such as tamales de mole, cheeses and sweets or try any of the taco places in the area which are cheap and traditional.

Look at what you have around. At some crossings you will find Saint Jude and the Santa Muerte (Holy Death), face to face, where passers-by make offerings to one or the other or both. Each street has a major trade: groceries, beauty products, fabrics. There are still cafés and traditional cantinas, some pulquerías, candle shops and everything else one can imagine. Finally, walk past the Plaza de la Alhóndiga to Manzanares. At the end, a tiny chapel in the middle of the street where prostitutes, petty thieves and other edgy characters used to come to pray.

Use common sense when you take photos. Ask before taking a photo, do not carry the camera in view all the time and watch your belongings at all times.

Avoid coming to the city center on Saturdays, especially in the afternoon. The main streets become almost impassable because of the number of people who come to the center.

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