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Mexico is a country of deep catholic tradition, and the second most visited pilgrimage site for catholics is located in this big city: Guadalupe.

However, in the late 19th century and all through the 20th century the country welcomed large numbers of inmigrants from all across Europe, the Middle East and even the USA. These migrants brought their own traditions and religion with them, living their faiths in freedom and mutual respect.

Methodists arrived from the South of the USA in the late 19th century, and founded their temple in a former convent downtown. The Ashkenazi jewish community arrived in the 20s from central and eastern Europe, settled in the historic quarters and founded the Justo Sierra Sinagogue, which today is devoting to sharing the jewish culture and customs. From the Middle East the Orthodox christians arrived as well, and their main center of worship is the Orthodox Cathedral.

Mormons arrived more recently, and their Temple  and a museum can be visited in the northern area of town. During the 80s the Buddhist community from Tibet opened in Mexico City the first official representation of the government in exile in Latin America.

Download the free app developed by Mexico City for religious tourism (Android / iOS).

At the Mexico City Youtube channel you will find videos featuring some of the most emblematic temples of the city.


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