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Even the treble of Maria Callas could not break this crystal. On entering the great theater of the Palacio de Bellas Artes look on the stage. The curtain made by Tiffany in 1912 will leave you speechless. It is an incredible mosaic of a million 2 cm crystals composing the landscape of the Valley of Mexico. Also look up to discover the beautiful stained glass Apollo surrounded by the twelve muses. The Palace of Fine Arts will not cease to amaze you. The guided tour will take you to the other side of the curtain to the stage and backstage, including the backstage area, which has witnessed the greats of opera, ballet and theater.

When walking around inside the Palace, you have the feeling of being in the scenery of the Great Gatsby. The art deco interior is magnificent with its grandiose play of curved and straight lines; lamps and columns of pre-Hispanic inspiration. The walls were decorated by the greats of the era: Rivera, Siqueiros, Alfaro, Orozco, O'Gorman and Tamayo. When you leave, look at the view from the Alameda to appreciate the majesty of the building, with its fine sculptures and art nouveau exterior. If you're in Alameda in the evening, go to the Palace. The building has launched lighting and is quite a spectacle.

The building houses the Palace of Fine Arts Museum and the National Architecture Museum in addition to rooms for world class temporary exhibitions. It is home to the National Dance Company, the National Symphony Orchestra, the National Opera Company, the Ballet Folklórico de México and the Fine Arts Chamber Orchestra. Check the notice board.

Guided tours (only in Spanish) are at 1 pm. Arrive early to ensure your place.

From the viewpoint of the Torre Latinoamericana you have privileged views of the Palacio de Bellas Artes. Do not miss it.

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