The traditions of Iztacalco

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Iztacalco was an idyllic village until recently, when Mexico City so voraciously absorbed it. What was a small village since pre-Hispanic times was connected to Xochimilco and the city of canals but, despite now being in the industrial belt of the city, its inhabitants have kept their traditions intact.

Do not miss the colorful procession of Corpus Christi in June, the main festival of the town, and the Santo Jubileo in August. For a few hours you've left the city and you've entered a deeply religious place. The bells toll. The missiles rumble. During the Santo Jubileo Iztacalco residents decorate their temples with elaborate floral covers, seeds, sweets, fruit and all kinds of ornaments, as offerings. A dip into the most alive and traditional popular religious beliefs.

The Santo Jubileo normally begins at about one in the afternoon.

When you go to Iztacalco, go to see the two beautiful baroque churches: the San Matías Apostol Convent (Built by the same architect as the Desierto de Los Leones Convent) and the Santa Cruz Chapel.

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