The Zocalo, the heart of the metropolis

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If you pay attention you will feel the heartbeat of the city in its immense Zocalo. Religious center, civic center and meeting place since ancient times. Here stood the Templo Mayor and the Palacio de Moctezuma of ancient Tenochtitlan. The Spaniards kept the large agora as a hub for the new Mexico City and built their Cathedral and the vice regal palace, which is now the National Palace. Merchants also set up shops in the Portal de Mercaderes and the old Historic City Hall.

Time passes and something is always happening in the Zocalo. Every morning the large flag is raised and every evening it is lowered. Groups of tourists take pictures of the concheros and Aztec dancers. She plays an organ. The boleadores work. Down the street they are selling shawls and plastic toys. Traditional healers practice their art. You can go to a trendy restaurant or eat a tlayuda. On Sundays there is zumba and concerts are organized while a preacher speaks to those who will listen. Young people take selfies. The Zocalo remains the same. We are all extras.

For magnificent views of the Zocalo go to the restaurant terraces or the towers of the cathedral. The ceremonial lowering of the flag, simple but equally impressive, is at 7 pm.

The Zocalo is decorated for major festivals such as the famous "grito" [cry] in celebration of Independence on September 15, for the Day of the Dead and at Christmas.

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