Tlatelolco: meeting of three cultures

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The pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern Mexico come together in Tlatelolco. A traditional location for open-air markets for the Mexica (which continues today in La Lagunilla, across the street), where a pre-Hispanic sanctuary and a courthouse stood. Hernán Cortés decided to build the new city of Mexico at this location. He knocked down the ceremonial center and built the temple dedicated to Santiago and a new administrative building in the place of the old tecpan or palace.

The tour begins at the archaeological site, where you'll find the remains of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl and the Templo Mayor. The new colonial structures are next to the ancient ceremonial enclosure. La Caja de Agua (waterbox), a cistern coated with murals. The Santiago Church was the first church of the city. Next to the temple, the tecpan or stone palace, the administrative headquarters of the former republic of Indians, of which only the arcade remains, housing inside a mural by Siqueiros. Finally, on the side of the square, you will find the modern Tlatelolco University Cultural Center, which houses the museum and the Stavenhagen collection of Hispanic pieces as well as the 68 Memorial in memory of the student movement that marked a turbulent era.

Bring comfortable shoes to tour the archaeological site and the surrounding area.

The Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco is illuminated at night with a light installation called Xipe Totec network, by the US artist Glassford, making it visible from any viewpoint of the city.

Travel the Guadalupe Trail, starting at San Francisco Convent, continuing by the Metropolitan Cathedral and ending at the Guadalupe Basilica.

At the National Palace there is the famous mural by Diego Rivera El mercado de Tlatelolco, because this has always been a marketplace - currently located at La Lagunilla.

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