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What´s the face of hatred like? How much time has to pass before we learn to respect each other, to live in harmony? These and many other questions will come to you during the uneasy visit to the magnificent Memory and Tolerance Museum, a place designed to make us aware of the horror that happened (memory) and to promote respect for diversity (tolerance) in future generations.

Go up to the top floor. The light from the Alameda enters through the window to illuminate the Children's Memorial, honoring 2 million children irrationally killed in conflicts. A ray of light and hope before you dive into the darkness of mankind: the Memory of horrors such as the Holocaust, Srebrenica, Rwanda, Cambodia, Armenia, Darfur, Guatemala ... How many times must this happen? With impressive museum displays, you arrive at the Tolerance section. Here you face your everyday life: discrimination, persisting abuse against human rights. It is our duty to make a difference.

The museum has activities and spaces for children, with speech tailored to their understanding.

Although it may seem an uncomfortable topic, this museum is really worth seeing, for the treatment of sensitive issues and for the spectacular architecture and museology.

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