Traditional flavors in the market of Xochimilco

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In the Xochimilco market you will find things that are not in any other market in the city. Besides the extraordinary fruits and vegetables in season, you may find all kinds of local specialties. Walk from stall to stall and try them all.

The Xochimilco market changes aromas and colors with each harvest. Direct from the producer. Xochimilco is still a place rooted in traditions. From the fertile fields planted at the edge of the canals, baskets of fruits and vegetables arrive daily. The chinampa, the traditional method of cultivation, is still alive in some small pockets of the lakes in the area.

Stroll through the market slowly, stop and ask questions. In season you will be offered grasshoppers and acoziles, small crayfish from the river, which they sell prepared and ready to eat. Do not miss the tamales de charales with nopalito salad. At the butcher shops you can find delicious empanadillas. When you arrive at the moles section, you will find a huge variety of moles already prepared and ready for you to take home.

If you prefer to sit down and eat, go to the dining area for quesadillas de comal, a traditional beef stew called "pancita", unique barbecue roasts or marinated cows feet.

Weekends are the best days to go, you'll find the largest selection of traditional dishes.

Compare prices before you buy.

Visit the flower and plant markets as well and take a ride in a trajinera.

If you're traveling and you want to take mole with you, put it in a sealed container and store it in a cool, dry place. When you get home, you can freeze it.

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