Turi-luchas: Mask vs Mask

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Seasoned wrestlers are the Mexican superheroes, their identity hidden behind the mask. Turi-luchas takes you to the very door of Arena Mexico. The wrestlers welcome you, getting their picture taken with fans. You will see entire families in masks, men and women of all walks of life attending the fights like a ritual. Bustle and excitement at the entrance. Snacks, drinks, masks, magnets, caps, t-shirts, whistles and all imaginable paraphernalia for sale. This same scene is repeated every week at the Arena Coliseo.

The fight begins: The eternal struggle between two sectors: técnicos (technique wrestlers) and rudos (tough wrestlers). Choose your side and join the party. Wear a mask, buy drinks and snacks and have fun. The fights take place in rounds: sometimes one on one; sometimes three against three or against two or against one. The fight is fierce: acrobatics in the air, wrestlers jumping from the ring. The public is fired up, cheering their idols. The atmosphere is festive, you hear humorous comments. Wrestling is a whole Mexican tradition. Indulge yourself and live the experience like one of them.

The Turi-luchas leaves Reforma, 222 on Fridays at 7 pm.

If you prefer to go on your own, you can go directly to the Arena Coliseo. If you go with kids, Sunday is the family day. Check the schedule before you go. You can buy your tickets at the door or online in advance. If this is your first time, buy your seats near the ring for a more intense experience.

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