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(Decent) women did not go into pubs before 1982. Pubs were traditionally refuges for men, where they went to drink, eat snacks, play dominoes or dice and talk about "men's things" The oldest ones are in the center of the city and they still exude a nineteenth-century atmosphere.

Some are well-decorated with stained glass windows and beams, waiters in waistcoats and wooden bars. Others are more famous for their delicious snacks; others are like real living museums. Open from noon until late at night, they are ideal places to stop and experience the most authentic Mexico. The best thing about the pubs is that they are not for tourists.

In many, the snacks are served free with the drinks: A beer, a bowl of peanuts. When you take three or four drinks, out come the sandwiches, enchiladas, including paella.

Get on the Turibús Cantinas for a fun night out. The Turibús takes you to five pubs, which may be the nineteenth century and elegant Bar Mancera the Salón España which serves sardine sandwiches, the Salón Nuevo León the Gallo de Oro -serving Spanish specialties since 1874, La Peninsular the Bar Bach and, to finish the night with a lot of tequila, music and "jolts" the famous Tenampa in Garibaldi. Do not worry if you do not know anyone, by the time you hit the third cantina you will be friends with all the other passengers!

The Turibús Cantinas runs on Wednesday and Thursday leaving Reforma 222 at 7 pm and the Hemiciclo a Juárez half an hour later. The start of the tour is at 8pm.

Drinks are not included in the price of the Turibús.

Come after eating if you are going to drink. You can always ask for a snack, but it is better to be prepared.

Here you´ll find all the cantinas in the Historic District.

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