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For fathers, mothers and children, together ... or separately! The Polanco circuit offers something for everyone: cutting edge architecture, a walk in the most elegant neighborhood, exclusive shopping malls, an exciting afternoon at the races at the Racetrack of the Americas or a day of family fun. Your choice!

This circuit is ideal if you're staying in Polanco. Take the Turibus at the National Auditorium and decide what you want to do. If you love architecture and art, two of the most important new museums are in Polanco: the  Soumaya Museum and the Jumex Museum. If you prefer a day of shopping, the Turibus takes you to the heart of the capital's golden mile, Avenida Masaryk, and the major shopping malls of Polanco, specializing in luxury brands.

For a day of family fun, get off in the second section of Chapultepec where you will find the Fair, the Papalote Children's Museum and the Museum of Technology. You can also walk to the bus stop next to the Soumaya Museum, on the opposite site you will find the brand new Inbursa Aquarium. If your children are crazy about animals, take the Turibus to the Granja Las Américas where they can see and touch them or get off at the first stop to go to the Chapultepec Zoo. Entertainment guaranteed!

The stops for the Polanco Chapultepec-Racetrack-circuit are:

1 National Auditorium (Auditorio Nacioanl) - connection to Centro Histórico circuit

2 Arquímedes-Campos Elíseos

3 Masaryk-Moliere

4 Antara Polanco

5 Soumaya Museum

6 Americas Race Track (Hipódromo de las Américas/Granja Las Américas)

7 CFE Technology Museum (Museo Tecnológico de la CFE) /Papalote Children Museum (Papalote Museo del Niño) / Chapultepec Fairgrounds (Feria de Chapultepec)

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Av. Paseo de la Reforma 50, Polanco V Secc, CDMX 11560

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