Turibus to the North: mariachi, Guadalupe and history

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From the heart of the city to the soul of Mexico, this Turibus circuit connects the great Zocalo of Mexico City with the throb of millions of faithful who come to the country's most sacred place, the sanctuary of Guadalupe.

In the Zocalo there are three key locations: the imposing Metropolitan Cathedral, the Templo Mayor of ancient Tenochtitlan and the Legislative Palace with the magnificent murals of Diego Rivera. Look closely at the mural depicting the pre-Hispanic Tlatelolco Market because soon you'll be in that very same place.

Take the Turibus here which takes you north. The first stop is the famous plaza de Garibaldi. Here visit the Museo del Tequila y el Mezcal (Tequila and Mezcal Museum) and then be seduced by the music of the mariachi. Take a tour of the Paseo de las Luminarias, eat a snack in the San Camilito Market and, if you like, have a drink in one of the traditional cantinas before continuing to Tlatelolco where pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern Mexico come together in the Tres Culturas Square.

Finally you reach the Villa de Guadalupe. By the way, you'll be joining the thousands of pilgrims who come each day to the Basilica. Visit the place where the Virgin Mary appeared and experience the deep intensity with which faith is lived here. Unforgettable

The stops for the Basilica circuit are:

1 Zocalo (connection with the Centro Histórico circuit)

2 Garibaldi

3 Tlatelolco

4 Guadalupe Basilica

5 Condes de Miravalle palace

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