Walking Through History

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Walking Through History offers a different way to enjoy Mexico and its history, all from an everyday life point of view of each era. These tours have been created by Natalia, an art historian who loves Mexico and want you to fall in love too, while we walk this amazing city and its surroundings.

About Walking Through History

She is an art historian who loves Mexico. That´s why she created, back in 2015, this project to promote culture and invite locals and foreigners to walk the city and its surroundings and fall in love with all of it!

She always hated common tours and guides that memorize everything without any passion. So she decided to create something different and to be able to show the best of this city and its surroundings. Not as a guide but as a friend that shows you around when you are visiting.

Come with us to walk and know why Natalia loves so much this amazing city and its surroundings, and to know the best of its history, art, culture, and gastronomy!

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