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The cultural and artistic life of Álvaro Obregón is so intense that it transcends the walls of the theaters, museums or cultural spaces. Here are located 12 of the 180 sites classified as heritage of Mexico City; nine indigenous villages; four traditional neighborhoods and neighborhoods that preserve their ancestral and architectural origins; historical monuments, sculptures, museums, theaters; and shopping and dining zones.

The Convento del Carmen is set in this area, a fact that emphasizes the multicolored magic of Barrio de San Ángel, one of the most representative of the city. It is where the traditional Flower Fair is held every year, an event that has its origin in the cult that the inhabitants of Tenanitla and Xiuhtecuitl rendered to the Lord of Flowers. In 2010, San Ángel was declared as Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mexico City.

The territory was inspiration for Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and José María Velasco. Here José Luis Cuevas draws and sculpts, so do Leonardo Nierman and José Sacal; Juan José Arreola wrote lyrics and Elena Poniatowska writes; Carlos Prieto plays here and the remains of Pedro Infante lie here; Pope John Paul II also lived here and the majestic Santa Fe rose up here, which was first a symbol of Utopia with Don Vasco de Quiroga and today is a symbol of modernity and progress.

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