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Azcapotzalco comprises both villages with traditions of pre-Hispanic origins and the modernity and urbanization of Mexico City. Land that was a Tepaneca domain from which archaeological remains can still be seen.

The Dominicans settled here to evangelize the territory in the 16th century. Visit the iglesia y exconvento San Felipe y Santiago Apóstoles. This is the first Catholic church built by the Dominican friars, and inside is the Chapel of the Rosary, with Churrigueresque shrines and a beautiful atrium. The former convent is adjacent to the Casa de Cultura de Azcapotzalco. Opposite, the Archivo Histórico. All these buildings are in the Jardín Hidalgo, the center of the old village.

Outside the old town of Azcapotzalco is the Parque Tezozómoc, with a lake representing the former Lake Texcoco. Other recommended places to visit are the village of San Juan Tlilhuaca, to see the Glorieta de los Ahuehuetes, of pre-Hispanic origin, and the church of San Juan Bautista, from the colonial era.

In addition to the murals in the House of Culture, there are other murals worth visiting such as the mural of Juan O'Gorman Paisaje de Azcapotzalco in the Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Library and the murals of Diego Rivera and Siqueiros in the La Raza Medical Center.

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