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Inhabited since man came to the Valley of Mexico, Iztapalapa has seen come and go to the Colhua, the Mexica, the monks who came to evangelize, landowners and revolutionaries. Each step made its mark in the form of stones or traditions that remain at parties and celebrations of its 16 native peoples. This place little known but with an amazing history is well worth a visit. To find out about the roots of the people, it is best to go to the unique Museo de las Culturas: Pasión por Iztapalapa.

In Cerro de la Estrella since time immemorial, rebirth (in the past with the ceremony of the new fire, today with Easter) has been celebrated. Cultural and religious center of the pre-Hispanic era, its importance was such that the Augustinians decided to build the convent of San Juan Evangelista here, with its exquisite cloister and some very interesting murals (do not miss La Adoración de los Reyes). However, it is in the Capilla del Divino Salvador del Calvario, which was an ancient pre-Hispanic sanctuary, where local religious feeling lives on with most fervor.

In Culhuacán a particular celebration takes place every Semana Santa. From the 19th century, the Passion of Christ has been staged in the Cerro de la Estrella with neighbors as protagonists. Thousands participate and millions more get to see this particular ordeal.

Furthermore, given that in Iztapalapa there is the Central de Abastos and La Nueva Viga (the second largest fish market in the world), you can not miss the Feria del Pescado and the Feria de la Enchilada.

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