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La Magdalena Contreras is the ideal place to enjoy nature and learn the values of environmental conservation. Three ecotourism parks and an archaeological park offer spectacular scenery of mountains covered with vast forests of pines, oaks and firs and rivers that are fed by springs of clear water, golden grassland plains, rocky outcrops of vertical walls and waterfalls. An ideal place for rock climbing, rappelling, camping, horseback riding, mountain biking, renting quad bikes, hiking, zip lining and other outdoor sports. The only living river in the city, the Río Magdalena, is located here in the Parque Nacional Los Dinamos.

Very interesting things to see include the otomíes pyramid and archaeological ruins of the peak of Cerro del Judío, one of the examples of architecture carved in stone in Central America. Visitors can also enjoy the traditional atmosphere of towns like Santa María Magdalena Atlitic, with its baroque churches and the old railway station, now a park.

Besides the spectacular nature, Magdalena Contreras offers visitors a rich cuisine and traditional quesadillas accompanied by rich pulque with different flavors handmade in barrels.

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