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This was the stop for the trajineras coming from Xochimilco with fresh fruit and vegetables. There were always street markets. When the Zócalo was emptied of shop keepers, they settled in La Merced. Today this flea market has become the largest retail market in the city, the Mercado de La Merced with sections for fruits, vegetables, meats and other foods, and the very popular candy market. La Merced is a classic among the traditional markets in Mexico City. They say that if you arrive by subway, you know the stop for La Merced by the aromas of fruits and vegetables.

Also known by its fresh produce, but most famous for flowers, is the Mercado de Jamaica. Over a thousand stalls fill the huge hall with the fresh smell of freshly cut flowers. The color of the market changes with each season and florists display their incredible skills in floral arrangements. There is also a section dedicated to piñatas, traditional in any Mexican fiesta.

Nearby, in the Mercado de Sonora the festive tradition continues, this time with traditional toys and costumes. It is, however, also the market of herbalists, shamans and Santeria. Here they clean, read your palm and sell all kinds of potions and spells to heal the ills of body and soul.

In Venustiano Carranza you can also find the Museo Legislativo in the headquarters of the Congress of the Union, ande the the Archivo General de la Nación.

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